What's this FUCKING TRASH?

Well.. first things first, we are Nikolai and Pim and basically you found our place for the type of trash that we like. We are both deeply into music, playing in various bands, producing albums and organizing events in the Netherlands and tours in Europe etc. We have have been friends for quite some years now and have been playing in the hardcore punkband Orde Primates together.

We have been releasing music, video's and albums and stuff DIY style together with our punkband as well as plenty with other projects, in separate places. Now we've decided to join forces and make one place for likeminded stuff, for open minded underground stuff. Music and artistry we appreciate and want to share with you. The stuff that might be considered trash to the mainstream.

The label FUCKING TRASH really took off with two different projects.. Pim was doing a project with an international hip-hop crew which will release under the name MSA. The project basically was them coming together, in the Dutch countryside of Drenthe, with rappers/singers and producers to make an album together. Simultaneously, Nikolai was finishing up the recordings of his Portuguese punk project Escumalha 714. The idea for a communal space somewhere to find likewise projects was always something we both wanted, so with this release the idea really fucked trash. :D

As we're still starting, we hope to bring some pleasure somehow.

Cheers and peace

Pim and Nikolai