What's this FUCKING TRASH?

We're a DIY label from the Netherlands.. Basicly it's me (Nikolai) and Pim who have been friends and have been playing together in Orde Primates now for quite some time.. We felt we needed to have our own space to release whatever we wanted.. Hence the creation of FUCKING TRASH RECORDS. We strive to provide a platform for a DIY approach and spread and exchange music and art. Some of the bands/projects you'll find here are where we participate(d) in but our idea really is to be an available platform for everyone.. cheap as possible within our limited financial capabilities...

If you would like to release something on FUCKING TRASH RECORDS please get in contact, but please consider we're a small label so replies may take some time since we're busy with stuff.. But we will take everything into consideration (ofc. no bullshit like fascist... lalalalalala.. the works..). Be human or complete alien.

Cheers and peace

Pim and Nikolai